Where are you off to on holiday this summer?

Maybe you’re the sort of person who likes to plan everything well advance, months beforehand, so the holiday runs perfectly and you get to explore all those sights, sounds and experiences you’ve dreamed of.


Or maybe you’re more the ‘take it as it comes’ type of holidaymaker, booking last minute and going with the flow, trying out a destination you’ve never even heard of so as to be surprised and astounded by all the hidden moments you never thought you’d encounter?


If you’re like me, you’re sort of half and half. I like to plan (flights, hotels, the unmissable tourist attractions), so I know everything is organised.


But I also like the element of surprise in a holiday.


Having an entire afternoon free of plans so you can saunter and explore at your pace.


Where’s your ideal destination?


You might fancy exotic climes, spectacular cuisine, trying out the pleasures of a completely different culture. India, China, Sri Lanka.


Will you be jetting off on an African safari? Cruising the Mediterranean?


Or are you a home bird?


Do you prefer sauntering down a sleepy country lane, ambling along a sedate English seaside front…or hiking in Welsh mountains??


For me this year, it’s Guernsey for the summer…and then almost straight after, Boston, Massachusetts! I do feel lucky.


What ever you do, don’t forget to pack the appropriate clothing.


For those sultry nights in Singapore, as ever, it’s best to pack soft, breathable cotton pyjamas, and to suit the occasion, choose vibrant jungle prints!


For those afternoons relaxing by the pool, don’t forget to accessorise with a floaty kaftan!


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Bon Voyage!


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