What your nightwear says about you……

Bold and playful sleepwear, comfort over glamour, or maybe just a birthday suit (cheeky)?

At Rowan Charles we bring to you an array of choice when it comes to nightwear, designed with luxurious material and beautiful patterns. Whatever your preference we have you covered; sophisticated, cotton, cool for the tropics, oozing luxury, or just a little fun.

On our wonderful trips to India I get my inspiration for my gorgeous sleepwear, from the burst of bright and bold colours to the exquisite animals living in their natural habitat. The animals that you will find on the pyjamas are monkeys, parrots and beautiful elephants.  

At Rowan Charles we don’t stop there, we have sleepwear for the keen gardener who has an eye for exotic floral designs on vibrant backgrounds of fuchsia, turquoise and green.

If you prefer to be a little more adventurous and you have your own style, you will love our Frida Kahlo sleepwear, such a rainbow of colours and patterns, easy to  wear inside or out with a slouchy T-shirt.

If cotton is not your bag then we also have a fabulous range of slinky, silky and luxurious pyjamas and dressing gowns. They come in a cute little matching pouch, and a variety of different designs, something to suit everyone. Intricate paisley designs, stripes, flowers or geometric, something for everyone. Not just sleepwear. Wear the trousers with a crisp, cotton shirt or wear the top with jeans or white Capri pants.

These are absolutely perfect as gorgeous presents for those lovely friends that can never have too much sleepwear.

So if you’re a party girl, want a quiet night in, want sweet dreams or to  mooch around on a lazy Saturday drinking tea and eating Hob Nobs, Rowan Charles ladies nightwear is for you.


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