What does Boris wear to bed?

With so much on the tv about elections and of course I’m always thinking about pyjamas, not necessarily a pleasant thought, but I started wondering what famous people wear to go to bed?!

I know this isn’t in bed but just look at Rihanna out on the town in silky PJ pants and matching robe. Not something I plan to copy!!

Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? I love that programme it’s sooo funny.
Penny that features in that is famous for her pyjamas. She loves pink and always looks really sexy. Dr Sheldon Cooper less so. He is hilarious though. Worth watching.

I couldn’t actually find anything about Boris bedtime habits, everyone seems to concentrate on his hair. Can’t imagine why ;)
Other celebrities were more revealing.
Sandra Bullock apparently wears cheetah print 🐆
Dolly Parton wears make up and takes her wig to bed in case she has to rush out for an emergency. She doesn’t want to look less Dollyish if spotted by the Papparazi!
Madonna admits to wearing stilettos in bed. Not quite sure I believe that.👠
Victoria Beckham as well as wearing her famous pout wears gloves and socks to bed filled with moisturising cream.🧤🧦🧤🧦. Lucky David!

Who doesn’t remember Bridget Jones listening to All by Myself by Celine Dion wearing bright red pjs with penguins on?
Marilyn Monroe’s, a little more daring, and certainly not a good advert for beautiful cotton pyjamas for women, famously said,

"The only thing to wear in bed is Chanel No 5!"

Look where that got her, poor thing , she didn’t have a very happy and meaningful life. Not that I’m suggesting wearing pjs gives you a happy and meaningful life!

Till next time, have fun, stay safe. And if you'd like to have your own celebrity bedtime look do take a browse at our stunning collection of pyjamas and nightshirts.

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