The Pyjama Zodiac


Do you know your Chinese Zodiac animal sign?

Many of us love animal prints, not least on our cotton pyjamas…

But what do you know about the animals who stalk through the mysterious jungle depicted on your favourite item of sleepwear?


Yes! this year, 2022, is the Year of the Tiger.


So if you’re lucky enough to have a birthday which fell in say, 2010, 1998, 1986, this is your year!


According to the Chinese Zodiac, as a Tiger you are likely to be quick-witted, resourceful, versatile, and kind.


If like me, you were born in the year of the Rabbit, you will be quiet, elegant, kind, and responsible…Awwww!


As for my sister who was born the following year, she is said to be confident, intelligent, enthusiastic….all the traits of a Dragon! Roooaaarr!


How about my partner? …well, what do you know, he’s a Tiger!


Why do you think so many cultures place good fortune on being born under the sign of a particular animal?


Well there’s no arguing with a real tiger, for a start, and majestic animals have often been revered by ancient cultures as possessing special powers and qualities. Qualities we frail humans wish we were endowed with.


So it’s not surprising that beautiful creatures like horses, tigers, dragons, feature in the astrological calendars.


But what about a rabbit, say?


Obviously a rabbit is a pretty, quiet creature and as they live together in warrens, they must be admired for their cooperative abilities, living in crowded spaces …although not all rabbits are softies, remember Watership Down??…


Still waters run deep…

How about using a Chinese astrology site to assess your partner’s compatibility (just for fun!)

Apparently the Rabbit may grow a little tired of the Tiger’s exuberance from time to time haha!


As for my parents, they were both born in the year of a certain large, farmyard-dwelling, snuffly creature with trotters! I think they’re okay together ;)


Why not gift your friends and relatives with a set of animal print pyjamas, depicting their Chinese birth animal?



They may feel endowed with powers unique only to them…


Happy dreaming!

Victoria Chadwick


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