Surrounded by Colour and Beautiful Fabrics - Rowan Charles

I love my little shop in St Anne’s Lancashire. Im Surrounded by colour and beautiful fabrics, most of which I’ve chosen whilst travelling in India; Block printed tablecloths, in hyacinth blue and white, Emerald green and cream or dusky pink and elephant grey.

Cotton pyjamas, and dressing gowns, patterned in a Moroccan design ,a gorgeous turquoise and jade green; Pink and white , paisley; fuschia pink with giant roses, turquoise patterned with exotic birds and flora. Many other designs and even crisp white for simplicity.

Frida Kahlo has been such a popular design. Vibrant colours, red, green and yellow on a background of black ,turquoise or white.
I also have a fabulous range of silky pjs and dressing gowns. Traditional designs, paisley and floral, gorgeous deep rich colours,  of rubies ,emeralds and sapphires. These present in a matching pouch. You won’t find these anywhere, I have them made in Jaipur,  Rajasthan. I only have one of each pattern. Gorgeous presents.
The rich colours reflect the beauty of India. The crazy ,wonderful country, a rising economy, and is such fun. Things you don’t like but lots of things that are just fascinating and on occasions unbelievable. Camels on the motor way, cows in restaurants, highly patterned and multi coloured lorries that wouldn’t be allowed on our roads, mounds of cow pats at the roadsides which are fuel for cooking; women working in the fields wearing stunning colourful  saris and so much more. It is just incredible.

Please go to India, it’s scary initially, it’s noisy, it’s dirty, but it’s beautiful and colourful, The people are welcoming and warm and the food is delicious, particularly Dahl and Chappatis ,my favourite. We even had a ride on an elephant and a journey on a rice boat in Kerala.


Thanks for reading, Namaste.

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