Namaste: The Spiritual All Day Event For Our Customers

Ever wondered what all the fuss is about when it comes to things like yoga and meditation?  Have you ever fancied yourself a bit of a spiritual initiate, but never really had the time or know-how to learn more about it?

Head on down to Rowan Charles on 18th May and have a nosy, in store, at some of our local spiritual healers, practitioners and gurus and learn more about the ways of the east.  Philosophies such as Buddhism, Hindu and subsequently, Yoga, all derive from Northern India, Tibet, China and Japan.  These practices have echoed around the globe for thousands years, anything from Yoga, Chakra healing and Meditation. They continue to have a deep impact on the world, growing in popularity in our western culture.


namaste event

Throughout the all day event, Rowan Charles will provide food and drink for all attendees and everyone is welcome, including children.  

Service providers, to be confirmed between now and the day of the event, will be available all day to talk to anyone who may be interested in what they do.   

We want to introduce St Annes, the Fylde area and hopefully the whole of Lancashire and the North West to a taste of the east.  We want to bring the vibrancy and passion that these cultures have into our home town and share our experiences and knowledge of this wonderful world with you.

Come down to the store, 20 Orchard Road, St Annes, on 18th May from 10-4pm and bring all the family.

For more information about the event, our products or for anything please contact us using the contact page below, our Facebook page or visit us in store and we will be more than happy to help.


Have a great day, and;



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