Indian weddings

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In this blog I'd like to tell you all about Indian Weddings. They are Absolutely Amazing, Spectacular Awesome!

Whilst in Delhi walking back to our hotel we heard loud banging and chanting.
Approaching us was The Grooms procession! The groom rides to the ceremony usually on an elaborately decorated white horse or in an ornate carriage pulled by horses, whilst his friends and family dance round him to the very loud beat of several drums . Oh my goodness it was so exciting.

There were trumpets blowing, drums banging , people laughing and dancing .
The groom looked absolutely amazing. A beautiful turban type headdress bedecked with jewels and a gold and red brocade jacket. Wow!

Indian weddings last for days and hundreds of people are invited, no wonder the grooms family save all their lives for this huge event.
The fascinating ceremony involving the bride is the Mendhi.
I have had the honour of being invited to a Mendhi.

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The bride and her friends and family have intricate henna patterns drawn on their hands and feet. It is a very specialised art so special people are appointed to do this. There is usually traditional Indian music played. I didn’t even recognise some of the musical instruments that the men were playing, only a sitar.

In the evening the families get together and a delicious feast is served.
I love to have henna decoration on my hands and feet and think it’s a shame that it’s not widely accepted in European circles. I always have it done when I go abroad if I get the opportunity.

India celebrates about 10 million weddings per year so the wedding industry is massive . The majority of Indians have their marriages planned by their parents and some are still arranged by their parents. Thank goodness that isn’t the norm here or I would be married to Prince Charles if my Mum had had her way! 🙈

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