The Health Benefits of Some Indian Spices

Apart from the obvious delights of Indian food, the vibrant colours and wonderful aromas they are said to be beneficial for your body and health.
Here are a few of them and their supposed benefits, some of which I agree with, others I probably haven’t tried for long enough and therefore can’t comment on their efficacy.

These peculiar looking ,little wrinkled shells have a pretty green pod and that is what we use, they gave a very distinctive and memorable smell.
They can aid digestion and help to relieve bloating. I had these like a mint after dinner whilst in India.
I like to chop some very finely and put in cream with icing sugar  to go with a pudding. Yummy. It really adds an exotic element.

Indian Spices Health Benefits Cardamom aid digestion and help to relieve bloating

I think this is a bit like Marmite, you either love or hate it.
This is a bark that is ground into a powder. It can help to manage type 2 diabetes by regulating blood glucose levels in the body.
I like to use the bark in a wreath at Christmas as they look pretty and smell very Christmassy

One of my favourites and I always put some in soups and casseroles.
It can help to boost your immune system and your metabolism.
I must say I haven’t had a cold all winter, touch wood ,or should I say eat Cumin.

This is the bright orange spice and difficult to get out of clothes if you spill any.
Some believe that it kills cancer cells. My husband diagnosed with cancer takes it daily with black pepper and olive oil and is at the moment well and the cancer is receding. He has of course also had all the orthodox treatment so who knows?

Alleviates arthritis and morning sickness for pregnant ladies.
I love ginger chocolates  and often have it in hot water if I’m feeling under the weather.

Ginger. Alleviates arthritis and morning sickness for pregnant ladies

Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory.
I recall it used to be recommended for toothache.
I love the scent in candles and perfumes

The most expensive and hardly surprising when you know the arduous and lengthy process it undergoes before being usable.
Saffron contains Crocin which is said to inhibit cancer cells and can promote the immune cells that ward off cancerous cells
It is also yummy in Spanish food and cakes

These gorgeous colourful and aromatic spices are reflected in my colourful pyjamas and dressing gowns.
Nothing better than a luxurious, aromatic  bath, a candle scented with cloves, and cardamom, and then slip into a pair of my colourful pyjamas.
Instantly transported to India.
Indian weddings
I do love the vibrancy of India.
I love my little shop in the dining room as I’m surrounded by colour and have lovely thoughts of my Indian travels.
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