Glamorous photo shoot-in Bispham

This week was photo shoot time with my dear Friend and fantastic photographer Jill Reidy and the sweetest most elegant model Anita Cannon. Jill did my last run of sleepwear and the model was me!

Jill’s house is a very large quirky pad near the coast in Bispham, Blackpool, the perfect location for shooting my gorgeous Autumn PJ range.

The first set of PJ’s were taken out into the garden despite the wind and rain, and poor Anita’s teeth where certainly chattering so we took the decision to abandon that idea and took the photoshoot indoors. Jill’s sitting room was the perfect space to show off my beautiful colourful nightwear, with vivid yellow’s and bright purple, the contrast was spectacular.

Jill also loves colour and has one of my gorgeous Frida Kahlo dressing gowns which I’m sure you can imagine is extremely colourful and whacky. It features monkeys, parrots, snakes and lots of lush foliage.

Jill herself is a very colourful character. She has pink/ purple hair, her clothes and shoes are never ordinary and she is festooned in loads of gorgeous silver bracelets and a ring on every finger, she has the perfect eye for creating a theme for the pyjamas and dressing gowns and was constantly introducing props to enhance the look of the sleepwear.
Not that it needed much more enhancement than being worn by the beautiful Anita. It is wonderful to see the colours and designs of my nightwear looking so luxurious and wearable.

Anita has the most wonderful smile and gorgeous curly blond hair and makes all the pyjamas and dressing gowns look instantly appealing, and at the end of the shoot Anita and her mum each bought a pair of the silky pyjamas, good choice ladies.

We had such a lovely day. We laughed and joked. Drank lots of coffee and ate chocolate and skinny whips which are a Jill's latest passion. Only 99 calories.

Now to upload them all, keep your eye out for them. Take a look at my current collection here.


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