Frida reaches Virginia!

I am really amazed at the power of Instagram!

Through a lovely horticultural route I was contacted by a lovely lady who appears on Instagram as Garden Obsessions. She had seen another horticulturalist Rosie Posie Irving opening a parcel containing one of my beautiful Frida Kahlo dressing gowns.

She messaged me so excited, please would I send her a Frida dressing gown and also some gorgeous botanical design pyjamas.
I don’t know who was more excited her or me . She lives in the USA and is called Angie. Wow! Rowan Charles has gone international!
We had a few messages back and forth and a chat on the phone, she’s delightful.

We conclude the transaction, she messaged me

“Everything you have is beautiful “

I then got a message to say she had received the package and hadn’t yet opened it as she wanted to make a video of the unveiling!!!!
Next thing I received a lovely video of her undoing her parcel with great excitement and waxing Lyrical about Rowan Charles and Miss Lindsey (that’s me!).
That’s not all....
I was the sent a link to the YouTube video she had put on!

So check it out Rowan Charles and me, Lindsey Cooper, mentioned by Garden Obsessions on You Tube. I’m thrilled.

Her and her partner, Ambrose, have the most wonderful garden and are very appropriately called Garden Obsessions, they are certainly Garden Obsessed.
That is the positive side of Social Media, you meet some lovely people along the way.

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  • Well, following that Youtube unboxing on Garden Obsessions a channel I am a subscriber of, I contacted the Charles Rowan website twice in a matter of two weeks to request the shipping fee for an order of two gowns to America. I am still waiting for some kind of response.

    Brigitte Danaly

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