Decor and Pyjamas by Victoria Chadwick

For those of you who love interior decor, the designs inspired by traditional art from India offer a bonanza of colour and patterns to brighten your home.

Rowan Charles’ pyjamas are inspired by the splendour of Indian art and design, which has its roots in thousands of years’ tradition.

I was reading about Indian decor on the website Culture Trip, and wanted to share some of the inspiration I found:

Madhubani paintings are 2,500 years old as an art tradition, and began as murals on walls and floors, celebrating special occasions. Indian-inspired paintings can brighten the drabbest of corners, if you’re looking to spruce up your surroundings!

Dhokra art is 4000 years old, originating in West Bengal. It’s a lost wax technique of casting, and these days you can compliment your living area with a dhokra lamp, adding a tribal frisson to your room.

Henna is used famously in mehendi, traditional temporary body tattoos. This can be used on your walls as mural art, I’m informed.

For those of you who are familiar with the table cloths and other decorative but practical items we sell at Rowan Charles, you will be interested to know that Saris, those most versatile of traditional Indian garments, can be adapted as fine drapes or curtains to inject colour into the room!


If you're thinking about a tablecloth for your home, be inspired by block-printed designs, another age-old dying method still alive and well in India.

As well as women’s sleepwear and cosy dressing gowns, we also sell beautiful childrens’ bedspreads at Rowan Charles.


techicolour design for women

Indian-inspired bed covers are rich and diverse, with hand-stitched and patchwork designs. They are also multi-functional, and can be used as throws for the sofa or as rugs!

As for ladies’ sleepwear, the pyjama suit originated in India and you’ll find our designs all take inspiration from the rich flavours of Indian culture, with technicolour paisley patterns and animal motifs abounding.

If you're thinking of blending into your surroundings, and Indian decor has fired your imagination, why not start by choosing your favorite sleepwear design to compliment your home decor?

Paisley patterns, anyone?

Or a charming tropical print?



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