Cotton pyjamas for women dealing with the menopause

Night sweats, such a problem for so many of us! They can be part of peri menopause and continue for many years after menopause. They are a complete pain, disruptive of sleep and of course lack of sleep can make you grumpy and make life difficult to cope with.

Cotton pyjamas for women are the best, coupled with dietary advice. For example, don’t eat processed sugar, don’t eat spicy food, don’t drink caffeine etc
Nightwear for women needs to be chosen with care. Silk is beautiful because it's natural, avoid polyester and man made fabrics, you cannot beat a fine cotton pyjamas set, or nightdress or nightshirt.

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Cotton is light and breathable and should help to ward off that unpleasant and demoralising sweating. Cotton is hypoallergenic whereas synthetic fibres are more likely to irritate your skin. Cotton pyjamas are natural, cotton breathes and allows for better air circulation and can help to remove and absorb body moisture thus keeping the body cool and dry. In cooler temperatures it can actually help to provide insulation.

Apart from the health benefits, some cotton pyjamas are so chic and stylish that they make you feel good just putting them on.
Whilst travelling in India I was astonished at the pyjamas I saw with vibrant colours and exotic and sometimes weird designs.
If you imagine the journey that these pyjamas have had to get to you from Jaipur it makes it quite an adventure just going to bed!
The women’s sleepwear that I have made in Jaipur is also made extra special by being presented in a lovely matching envelope style bag. They make wonderful gifts, unique and luxurious. If you'd like to see some stunning cotton pyjamas for women that not only help you sleep better when you are going through menopause but also make you feel good, than pop over to our collection of pyjamas for women.

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