Colourful Jaipur

Jaipur really is the most exciting city. On my journey into the city within the space of 20 minutes I saw 2 elephants, 3 camels, loads of cows,stray and very bony dogs, horses and goats.

The contrast is enormous because the Indian people are beautiful, dressed in their saris in fuchsia  pink, emerald green, vibrant yellow ,usually embossed in gold or silver.

This trip was just before Diwali and the build up starts at least 2 weeks before. It is a celebration much like our Christmas. Families get together and eat and drink all sorts of exotic and flavoursome treats. I was invited to a gathering in a suburb of Jaipur and it was a very entertaining evening. I sat there smiling all night as I couldn't think of anything else to do as the assembled company were chattering away in Hindi. However it was very strange when a big chocolate cake was produced with a candle on it and they all burst into Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Presumably there isn't a Hindi equivalent ?

I was asked to a meditation session in a primary school and sat with all the teachers . It was a very peaceful and at the same time energising experience. A petite, extremely pretty young woman dressed from head to toe in white dominated the session with her chanting about Divine Happiness, Divine Peace, Divine Love and Divine Prosperity, and then proceeded to bless the world and everyone in it. It was a privilege to be part  of this meaningful happening and is something that would help the world if more people were to follow.
Anyway back to reality and my programme for the Christmas build up.


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