Why do we love to wear clothes emblazoned with animals and animal print?
It’s odd. We go to the zoo and see lions , tigers, zebras and elephants; we go on safari and see them all in the wild and the we sport them on our shirts,swimsuits,trousers,throws, knickers and cotton pyjamas for women!
I love all my pjs with animals on, be they crazy mandrills or majestic elephants.
What does this interest say about you/ me?

This made me laugh ....visitors to a safari park have been asked not to wear animal print clothes after concern over a change of behaviour of the animals.
Walking leopard or tiger print might be confusing or frightening for the animals.
Possibly the worst thing to do is limp past the lion or tiger enclosure in a zebra print outfit.😂😂😂

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Dior said “If you’re fair and sweet don’t wear it as he felt animal print showed power and sexual experience. Society has deemed animal print to have powerful. and sexy connotations. Who could forget Rod Stewart at his peak wearing animal print, very tight trousers singing “Do you think I’m sexy”?
It is thought that initially animal print is subconsciously a bit scary and that stimulates arousal and thus has to do with sexual attraction.

Maybe that is why we choose to wear animal print pyjamas, and underwear.
Some may think wearing actual animals on our pyjamas rather child like.
Lots of children’s pjs have animals on but they tend to be a little more cutie than the adult version.

My favourite animal by far is the elephant. Hence the red cotton pjs with a safari scene and the blue and white cotton pjs printed with elephants, little and large.
Elephants are fascinating.The largest land mammal and live in Africa and India
Their tusks are actually teeth, they have really thick skin, their trunks have 150000 muscle   units and they eat up to 150kgs of food a day.
The gestation period is almost 2 years! Can you imagine? I’m so pleased I’m not an elephant 🙈🙈🙈.

I suppose at the end of the day, all animals are fascinating and we show our love of animals by including them in our wardrobe, on our pyjamas on our handbags, hats and shoes. It seems to be a largely female choice. Interesting!

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